Strawberry Milk


Left to right: Liv, Glory, Kate.

Left to right: Liv, Glory, Kate.

Strawberry Milk is a monthly stand-up comedy production where white [men] is/are not the main ingredient. The spotlight is on blended diversity, with flavorful stories. In a realm where white men are traditionally the gatekeepers of stage time and curators of determining what is funny, the all-women empowered producers are inverting reality and leveling the current playing field. With every show, the producers are meticulously restructuring the fabric of the comedy industry, discovering and putting on the next wave of comedians.

The founders, Glory, Kate and Olivia, met during a ‘New Talent’ night at a famous New York City comedy club. Throughout the night, they were consistently skipped by white men - white men that felt their narratives were much more important to share that night. That night in mutual frustration, the founders realized something had to be done. No longer would they be asking for respect, and permission to perform, they decided to create an alternate route, a new platform, to shake up tradition.

The Strawberry Milk platform is a delightful treat of diversity, committed to positive vibes and quality experiences, curated by trailblazing women that mean business.

Past artists

Mia Jackson, Liza Treygar, Jessica Kirson, Rachel Sennott, Norlex Belma, Nore Davis, Chloe Hillard, Ginny Hogan, Eagle Witt, Sydnee Washington, Quan Wiggins, Martin Urbano, Kate Berlant, Orlando Leyba, Naomi Ekperigin, Chinedu Unaka, Randall Otis, Megan Gailey, Emma Willman, Ashley Gavin, Kenice Mobley, Janelle James, and many more.


Driven by a dream to reimagine how the world experiences comedy shows, our live productions offer real-life audiences the chance to engage with brands. Our collective expertise allows us to push the envelope of what a shared experience can be. Partners include but aren’t limited to HBO Latino, NGL Collective, Converse, Syracuse University and more.